One year in the making!

Today 012-09-23 is the birthday of Redgrim!

That means it’s time for one of those one-in-six-months blog updates.
And we will do that with style! Here it comes, the teaser for Jones change the world!

On the last episode I said we were focusing on taking SGTAAFM[Haha] to iPad, and yes for a while we actually did focus on that! But the HaXe/NME development environment didn’t feel like my cup of tea so we decided not to take it the full nine yards.

We were also prototyping on our project Bloodformer trying to get the right gameplay going.

Since the last update Bloodformer have received a new name, new gameplay design and a brand new look and instead of using HaXe we are now getting our hands dirty with Unity3D and the 2D toolkit plugin.

It felt as a wiser choice since Unity have a huge and friendly community and a lot of 3rd party plugin ins are made for Unity and the chance of them popping up in the HaXe-universe are rather slim.

The project is now called Max Baxter and his rad ventures! We still haven’t gotten around to make a prototype to try out the new gameplay which could be called a platformer rougelike, somewhat similar to Spelunky. Something I don’t look forward to coding is the boss battles of the games, interesting bosses tends to break a lot of the ground rules of the game and be full of exception.

Hopefully we will be able to use the built in tile editor of 2D toolkit to minimize development load. We want every level to be built of pre-made rooms that are mixed with generated level pieces. Some of these pre-made rooms are supposed to be mission rooms and those are the ones you have to find and complete in order to advance to the next level.

We visited the Exile spring jam in Denmark and made a game in flash called Jones – Change the World. Salkin made a really really catchy tune, it was rediculus! In a fantastic way! Here we are copying the dance moves from the game, it’s a bit hard to get it right when you actually have bones inside your limbs.

We are now bringing the game to tables and it’s coming along really nice! The game mechanic is quite simple, all you have to do is find the object in the scene that breaks the pattern or looks odd.

Simon like this game because it’s almost impossible to take an ugly screenshot of it, and Erik Svedäng suggested we contact IKEA to make a new colection of bedsheets and shower curtains.

At the spring edition of the Media Jam in Karlshamn during the event Kärlek Ettor och Nollor we made an arcade style game called MRS.DAD. A huge inspiration was the game LAZA KNITEZ which we play a lot during the Nordic Game Conference in Malmö, Simon even became King of the LAZAVERSE. They game was so popular that Martin ‘Grapefrukt’ Jonasson and Salkin build a real arcade cabinet for the game!  A really pro thing with the game is that it has attention sounds if it is left on the startscreen for to long.

During the Nordic Game Conference KnapNok Games recieved some funding for a Spin the bottle game for Nintendos next console Wii U, we were up on stage with them since we are going to be part of the development of that game starting sometime this fall!

Below is a picure from Malmöfestivalen with some kids playing MRS.DAD on the arcade. We really wanna make another arcademachine so that we can play more! We have been thinking of porting the game to XNA and release it for XBLIG but that is a bit in the future.

Together with some danish people, Tim Garbos and Julie Heyde, we hosted a gamedev unconference called Burning Bridges, or #BRNBRGS for short. It was great fun! We played games, held lectures, ate pizza and visited the danish space program. And not to forget the world famous BRNBRGS BBQ!

It will most probably going to be an annual thing some plans for next year is not to have things schedueld early in the morning and add a release party night were everyone that has release a game during 2011-2012, but not had a proper party can join in and celebrate the release of their games! I’m thinking of holding the event in Sweden next year, maybe Malmö or Karlshamn.

Later during the summer we went to No More Sweden, this year back in Malmö. We decided to build another title for the arcade. This time around we made the game Wolfmans!

The biggest problem in the making of this game was that we had huge problems with to much keyboard input, the arcade has four joysticks and eight buttons, with people mashing the machine the controls get really unresponsive. This problem should be fixed thanks to the people a Fabriken STPLN now but I haven’t tested the game since. Wolfmans is very actiony where you jump around and shoot at each other and swithc gravity and all kind of madness along with a super hyped power up!

The makers of hit game LAZA KNITEZ ( liked the name Wolfmans so muck they asked us if they could adopt the name as their team name, previously they were called Team Buttfighters, so I understand that they wanted to change it.

Three jam games, one concept, one conference and our first iOS title in the making, well the second iOS title in the making, but the first one that we’re more likely to release. Not bad!