Simon Gustafssons Two and a fjers men [Haha]

Simon Gustafsson’s Two and a fjers men [Haha]


This is a game based on the true stories of many unemployed men and women across our globe, in a world were it’s so easy to live that some of us forget that you’re in charge of your own destiny. It’s a game about a lost generation that instead of building bridges, go out in the wild, study to become doctors, work for equality just sit in front of their screens and be feed with useless information that is supposed to be entertaining, but even to decide for themselves what is fun or not is a to hard decision so they just trust the laugh track. With a minigame gameplay you make your way through life, everyday the same, going deeper into an unavoidable depression.


Comments on facebook that captures the core of the game:
I played until day 5, but I still don’t feel any wiser :D ” – JF
“5 days of 2 and a half men doesn’t make you any wiser. :P ” – LH

Winner of Jury’s Choice Award by Manveer Heir, BioWare and Audience Choice Award at Nordic Game Jam 2012!

Read about all the finalists here:

Our game developed during Nordic Game Jam 2012, it’s called Simon Gustafsson Two and a fjers men [Haha], steering is mouse only.



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Below is the fantastic desktop background.

A local newspaper made an article about us winning the jam, Pär Jonasson who wrote the article wondered if the main character was based on Simon, I told him that it wasn’t the case but it’s not far from the truth, although, Simon doesn’t watch 2½ men.

A nice post that sums up the jam:

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