Redgrim is a less than 20 people strong team located in sOUTHERN sWEDEN that focuses on game production. We enjoy making games, explosions, music and poser videos. Our philosophy is that “Awesome things first, then we care”.

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Indie Game Marketing – Pre 101

Indie Game Marketing – Pre 101

My friend Johan at Gameport made a marketing guide for indies that you can find here, and this is a bit of a prequel to that guide.

I’ve made a couple of games and some of them I really didn’t care about. There are three questions you should be able to answer when you develop a game that I first heard from Rami:

  • What are you doing?
  • Why are you doing it?
  • Why should anybody care about it?

The last game I released, Mt.Chew, (sidenote:  had the following answers to these questions:

  • What are you doing?

An arcade game for tablets/phones where you catch stuff that falls down.

  • Why are you doing it?


Because Simons didn’t have time to work on our other project called CyberSmith and I needed something to do.

  • Why should anybody care about it?

I really don’t know, I don’t even care that much about it.

If you think you will make a successful game, those are not the right answers. If you’re going to play the indie card you should be damn sure that you really enjoy your game, you should enjoy showing it to people and to talk about it.

So when you start making your game and it’s not just for fun, make sure that you care. I’ve just started to work on a new prototype for a game called Fred Gun:Super Gun Trip that will be the spiritual sequel to a game I created in 2009 called Friendly Fire:Blood and Gore, I really enjoyed making that game!

Friendly Fire:BAG

Friendly Fire:BAG had cute animals in it and a bunch of weapons that you should use to turn those cuties into blood splatter on the screen.

  • What are you doing?

I’m making an insane action game that will capture the spirit of the internet, meaningless violence, upgrades and loot.

  • Why are you doing it?

Because I really want you to blow stuff up without having to take any consequences.

  • Why should anybody care about it?

Because you want to taste the life of Fred Gun! An icon of the internet that exists only to defend the mindless violence. Because if you want to have a meaningful experience that leaves you full of emotions instead of a grin on your face you could as well play Barmark or Aer. There’s just not enough non-gritty, fun violence and internet going around these days.

My point?

“Care about your game mother fuckers!” – Olle Lundahl


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